Sunday, 4 July 2010


Hi dolls!
Haven't been up for blogging lately, I've been ill, a
member of the family has been hospitalized and I
have been busy preparing for my trip to Sweden.
In my spare time I've been crafting and here's one
of my finished projects.
I met one of my lovely blog readers at Screamin' in
Spain, Monika from Holland, and I fell in love with
her earrings.
I never got an answer where she got them, so I left
heartbroken, until recently.
I found this belt at a car boot sale and the bamboo
loops were the exact size that I wanted so I didn't
waste a second reaching for that 20 pence coin in
my pocket.
I don't like waste good things so I might turn the
belt into a guitar strap...



Sorry for the lack of makeup. :))


classy broad said...

those are great! perfect for a summer tiki party, too!


ina said...

Perfect tiki! And you look better than most people without makeup :)

Kitten said...

Nice earrings, and I too think you look lovely even without make-up :)

Lisa said...

You look great without make-up, don't ever think anything else!

And your earrings look great too :)