Saturday, 3 July 2010


Took some well needed time off today and did
what I do best, find stuff cheap. :))
Here's some of the goodies I snagged today!

Vintage Bambi salt & pepper shaker, £1.
Could you resist this cute couple?
Goes with all the other old Bambi's upstairs.

Pretty 1950's buttons, 50 pence.
YES! I am a button-o-holic.

Vintage brooch, 50 pence.
I love everything Mexican and I couldn't resist this
sparkly Mariachi man!

Vintage skirt, 30 pence.
Here's the proof that I'm really getting older, I have
now developed a love for bold patterns and chunky
jewelry. Oy Vey.

1950's glasses, £2 for the lot.
OMG! A full, never used set in mint condition!
I love these!

Vintage wooden pineapple tray, 30 pence.
Here we go with the wooden pineapple again...
More here, here and here.

DIY magazines from 1957 and 1958, £1 for the lot.
Perfect! I love old DIY books and magazines and I
will hopefully use them one day when I moved into
my dream home.

I got a question if the sellers date my finds or if
I'm just very good at knowing.
Some sellers does because I often ask about some
history behind what I get and some things do have
a mark of what year it was made but mostly I know
what decade my goodies are from.
I've been a magpie at flea markets since I was just
a kid so I've learned a lot over the years.


Jacqueline said...

ooh salt och pepparkaren är underbara! hur kan du hitta allt detta fina! avis!! :)) speciellt på alla suuperfina rådjuren du hittar!

Gypsy with a Camera said...

that's amazing! I love the skirt! :)
awesome finds.


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Jema♥Kitsch said...

Grattis till de otroligt fina fynden!!!

: )


mallis said...

Vilka fina fynd! Nu blev jag verkligen sugen påen loppis runda imorgon.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Aw thats a shame you were stuck in on Saturday. The Jets were brilliant, really enjoyed it :)
This is funny that you found some Practical Householder magazines as I got 3 last week! The adverts in them make me laugh, and I love all the illustrations! Dont think I will be attemping to 'make my own washing machine' or 'build my own conservatory' though - lol!

La Vampi said...

Hello! I came across your blog trying to figure out how to style my hair a-la-40's! I'm gonna go through it all LOL. BTW, that brooch is definitely not Mexican, much less a Mariachi. I'm betting it's Cuban, those puffy sleeves and pants are more from that country.