Friday, 26 August 2011


Hi friends!
I'm back in a very rainy England after a few sunny days
in Holland and some very rainy weeks in Sweden.
We got about 5 sunny days in total, that's uncool since I
got SAD and I really wanted to go for long walks in the
forest and swim in the lake.
There wasn't enough hours on the day to do everything
and see everyone.
And there's not enough blog space for me to tell you all
about our road trip and to be quite honest I haven't got
the energy at the moment after 5000 km.
All I can say is I gained 2 kg and the car was full to the
brim with cool 1950's and 1960's finds. :))

Stopped by at Ebbas Fik in Helsingborg, Sweden.

After some encouragement from Malin we went to A-Bombers,
outside Uddevalla, Sweden.
This outfit was a find from Myrorna in Malmö, Sweden.

My favorite car at A-Bombers.

One day we went to loppis (flea market) by boat outside Molkom, Sweden,
my bonus mom Ingrid rowed us there.

We decided to stay over one night so we played Yahtzee.

Finally a beautiful morning.

Me in a cute hut in one amazing garden somewhere outside Arvika, Sweden.
This garden belongs to a childhood friend of my dad and auntie and she's a
mad collector.

She's been collecting mainly Swedish 1950s stuff for a very long time
that she now got small museums in her barn and outbuildings.
Here's her "shop museum".

Spent a whole day with my dad, here he is on the same slide he used to
slide down as a boy.

Found an old English letter box in Deje, Sweden.

Cute 1950's house in Deje, Sweden.

My lovely niece and nephew feeding the ducks at my favorite
place on earth outside Slottsbron, Sweden.

This is my favorite place on earth. It's my cousins grandparents summer
house where I spent my summers since I was a little girl.
This year they had a huge decking built. I do hope to dance on it next year
if we go over for mid summers.

Found a synagogue in Winterswijk, Holland.

Went to a cheese market, of course, you can't leave Holland without
some good cheese.
I got nettle cheese.

My man, Roel and Uschi had herring the Dutch way.


Vintage Coconut said...

Welcome back
That little circle hut was so darn sweet. You look so cute peekin out of it. Oh gosh I would love to have a little hut like that of my own. hehee

WOWWW That collection is amazing!

I have always liked the old slides that. They are always better if they have a wave in them.

*mmm* Cheese
I will pass on the herring ;)

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Have really enjoyed looking at all your photos on FB...Sweden really is stunning, I can see why you miss it. Glad you had a nice trip :))

art deco dame said...

welcome back your photos are beautiful!

LadyAngore said...

Ser ut som ni haft en fin semester! :)

Burprags and Bustiers said...

Welcome back Darling! You look just cute as a button in that little hut lol!