Sunday, 28 August 2011


After done (almost) nothing but going to flea markets
for 3 weeks we ended up going to a local car boot sale
yesterday, like we need more stuff. :))
Well, I'm happy that we did because I finally found the
perfect pair of 1950's lamp shades for the bedroom.
The two lamp bases are not the same but they are
quite nice and will do for now. They look way better
than the IKEA lamps that we had before and they
only cost me £2 each. :)
My goal is to make the bedroom look like some Jayne
Mansfield style boudoir type of thing.

My bedside table.


La Dama said...

Welcome back!
those lamp shades are so pink powdery cute.I want a vampy boudir.

Vintage Coconut said...

So cute
Love the contents of the whole darn table!