Monday, 29 August 2011


Yeah, you might remember that quote from Pulp Fiction.
I saw it the first time in 1995 and there's something I've
had on my wish list ever since then - a kangaroo dresser
caddy ano 1956.

I don't really know why it's taken me so long to actually
get one...
After the last time I watched Pulp Fiction I decided that
I need to snag one of my own and after looking on Etsy I
almost gave up since the shipping cost is more or less an
extortion. So I had a look on eBay, where you still can get
stuff rather cheap, found one, totally forgot to bid and were
disappointed for a short while but then this fella turned up
and I won him for $11 just before we left for Sweden.
Oh yeah, it's in mint condition too. ;)


Katrin said...

I think I just had an overdose of "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw!" I don´t know what it´s good for exactly, but it´s so so so cute :)

art deco dame said...

he's so cute!He's been on my wishlist too but I never find them in good enough condition and/or at the right price.There was a perfect one at a flea market but a little girl grabbed it before me and bought it..she liked kangaroos so I was willing to not pout over it even though it was $3.00