Monday, 31 October 2011


Me and my man are about to crawl under the covers and
have a Tim Burton night tonight.
We're gonna start with my very favorite, Frankenweenie.
As a Bull Terrier lover it might be understandable why it's
my favorite. :)
I used to have the VHS but I watched it so many times so
the tape was useless even before the video broke down.
I haven't had the luck to find it on DVD yet so we're going
to watch it on You Tube.

If you want to watch it too, here's a shortcut:
Part 1, 2 and 3. Enjoy!

Next movie on our watch list will be Sleepy Hollow and
after that, if we're awake, Beetlejuice.

Here's a great doo wop track by Monotones that I think
you might like on a night like this.
It's called "Legend of Sleepy Hollow".


Vintage Coconut said...

Have a good Halloweenie night!
I will prob watch a scary movie with my Mr. whilst hiding in the basement from the trick or treaters. *lol*
We used to go out but ever since we got the poochie we don't wanna leave him home alone.
(He hates loud noises, the dark and masks. "Everything Halloween brings to the table if you were a dog and sat looking out the window".)

Bella VonBluebell said...

Loooove Frankenweenie, i havent seen it for ages!! I cannot find it on DVd anywhere either :( Your post reminded me of this great film and as i searched it on ebay i did find a really nice, rare Frankenweenie model. Hope you had a great Halloween :D

MyCatsAJerk said...

Frankenweenie is sold with Nightmare Before Christmas. I have the 10th anniversary dvd of NBC and it is in the special features.