Friday, 7 October 2011


Here's my two latest eBay purchases that I'm very
excited about.
This autumn I'm going 13 years back in time to my
roots as a Rivethead (synthare for you Swedes) we
are talking fashion, not music.
It's all black, black, black but this time with less of
the military and more of the classy, very feminine,
let's explain it simple, I'm going Dieselpunk.



The shoes and sunglasses really do look awesome
together with, black stockings, a black pencil skirt,
stylish 1940's hairdo and my new coat.
As my man said, very Polly Perkins. :))

Maybe I should get a hat like this...


lasophia said...

Those shoes are hot! ARe they comfortable?

Little Rascal said...

Thank you! Yes, very.

Sally said...

those shoes are too cute! if you dont mind me asking, what is the difference between diesel punk and steam punk? I do not know much about either.

Vintage Coconut said...

*OMG THOSE ARE such cute shoes!*
Heck of a price you paid too.
I like the sunglasses also.

You are gonna look fantastic!

I found a cute black suede jacket today for mere cents! I was SOOOO EXCITEd. =D

Little Rascal said...

Sally: Thanks babe! Steampunk is more of the Victorian era with steam powered technology. Dieselpunk comes later in the diesel era with the start of WW1. Back in the day as a rivet head I was very much into the 1940's military look with combat boots and gas masks, this time around I prefer a more grown up approach.
If you want to know more there's always Wikipedia. :)

Vintage Coconut: Thank you kindly. :D
Ohh, I'm jumping into your blog now, this I need to see. :)

vintage_kitten said...

Love those shoes.Must post pics of your complete outfit and