Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Believe it or not but I was out scouting on Sunday too!
We went to two car boot sales, first one was fine but at
the second one I just wanted to go home, I felt so ill but
I only had myself to blame because I didn't want to sit
inside doing nothing while there was 30 degrees C and
bargains to be made.

Here's a few of the things I got...

Vintage large flamenco doll, 20 pence.
My man has gotten used to having flamenco dolls all over
lounge by now so he didn't even sigh when I picked this
one out
of a box.

1970's gold mules, £1.
These are a tiny bit too big but the gold mules I bought on
never made it to my house and these will have to do
until I
found the perfect pair.

Vintage wicker bag, 20 pence.
This bag requires a little revamp, I need to paint the sides
since there's
scribbles all over them.
I'm thinking black or red sides.

Kids stuff.
Faux leather jacket, £1.
1950's cardigan & bonnet, 20 pence.
Knitted ballerina, free.
For the future rascals. Me and my man don't care about
goes on a boy and whats goes on a girl, when they
are newly hatched no one can
tell anyway and we really
can't see a problem with a two year old
girl wearing a
leather jacket, as long as she's wearing turned up
jeans. ;))

Faux fur collar, 50 pence.
I love fur collars, they really doll up a dull sweater.

Poncho with faux fur collar, 20 pence.
I look like a snow queen in this one. :))

Leather jacket, £2.
Sorry to say it's real leather but it's the same model as my
jacket that's soon falling apart.

Vintage angora top, £1.
It can't get more Jayne Mansfield than this! :D

As you can see...


Perdita said...

I love the basket, definitely just needs a bit of paint on the sides!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

The bag is great. I need to come shopping with you.

Pikku Mies said...
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Little Rascal said...

Perdita: Thanks, can't decide on what color tho...

Miss Tallulah Porkchop: Thanks hun.
Yeah, come shopping! :D

Little Man: They come when they come.
I got a great man who would be the best daddy in the world and to know that is one step in the baby direction. :)

Scary Mary said...

You found some wonderful items, as always!!:) I must try vintage shopping in London sometime! Love the fur colar and the wee basket! And totally agree on what your saying about baby clotes. They're so small anyway;)

Little Rascal said...

Thanks hun. Just so you know, this isn't finds from vintage shopping in London, this is from car boot sales in the middle of nowhere. :))

vintage_kitten said...

Love the doll and love those hot sexy shoes.That jacket looks nice even though it's leather.Love the angora sweater.I need to shop with you and dora.xx

Vintage Coconut said...

That is one thing I don't own yet, a flamenco doll.
I like those mules!
The wicker bag is so cute, they seem hard to come by around here.

Kids stuff
I love that little jacket. I too would put it on a little girl. I wore some boyish clothes when I was small and I didn't care at all.

My Grandma told me she used to put dresses on my Dad and his brothers when they were babies. heheh

The faux fur collar, poncho, Leather jacket were all stuff I would have been exstatic about coming across.

The angora top looks so comfy and cozy. What is it your saying about Jayne?? All I see is chest! hahaha ;)

Hallonsemla said...

Du gör så mycket fina fynd! Helt magiskt!
Tack för dina fina kommentarer för en tid sedan, så himla roliga sammanträffanden :) Hur kom det sig att du flyttade ifrån Sverige?

Little Rascal said...

Vintage Kitten: Thanks sweetie. :)
Yeah, come over and shop with us! :D

Vintage Coconut: I should try and find you a falmenco doll. :)
I love Jayne, she was one sassy lady.

Hallonsemla: Jag flyttade pga en man. Jag hade just fatt ett forstahandskontrakt i Hokarangen (jag har bott i Saltsjo Boo, Enskede, Hammarbyhojden, Gardet, Arsta och Hokarangen) och sa fragade han mig om jag ville flytta till England sa pa den vagen ar det. :)