Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Before I write anything I want to wish my Jewish readers
well over the fast.

I'm unwell in bed and feeling a bit bored but I guess that's
the perfect time to update the blog, right?

Haven't been up to much lately, just working a lot.
In my spare time I've been scouting the local charity shops
and here's a few things I picked up not that long ago.

1950's head vase, £2.99.
Who can resist a head vase in good condition for that sum? 
Not me!

Vintage longline bra, £3.
Just what I've been looking for, I got a few in lace but needed a 
plain black one. Thank G*d for charity shops. :)

Hinged ring, 99 pence.
Reminds me of my goth days.

Vintage bangle, 25 pence.
I looove this bangle, it looks like milk, KahlĂșa and coffee 
before you mix it all together.

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