Saturday, 6 July 2013


Woke up at 06:50 this morning, sun was shining so we decided
to go to two local car boot sales, as you do when the weather is
nice and the cravings for a bargain is at its peak.

Here's my favorite items of the day.

Bangles, 50 pence each. (Approx $0.75 each)
Yes, of course, more bangles. ;)

1950's car blanket, £1.50. (Approx $ 2.20)
Can't get enough of these. I love the pattern!

1950's Native American style corduroy jacket, £1.
(Approx $1.50)
SO AMAZING!!! It needs another wash or two but it's
otherwise in good condition.



1950's novelty glass, 10 pence. (Approx $0.15)
So cool. :D

A shirt for my man, £2.50. (Approx $3.70)
If it has pineapples on it it's meant to be worn by him.

Close up
The buttons are so cool with the tiny palm trees!

Vintage wooden pineapple dish, £1. (Approx $1.50)
I got a few of these now but I can't walk passed them. ;))


La Dama said...

love it all, especially the pineapple dish and bangles. I didn't wake up in time for the boot sales today.

Vintage Coconut said...

Now your making me regret sleeping in on Sat morning. Hmmmm I wonder what I missed at the garage sales?!