Saturday, 13 July 2013


I just need to get this out of my system, if you don't like rants, please don't read.
As a Jew I get a lot of shit from ignorant people and I'm far from the only one.
I'm pretty much used to being hated because people assume I'm pro-Israel (I'm
not!) or because I'm frugal I'm automatically a stereotype or just for being a Jew.  
Today takes the price, it's the second time this year I'm being called a racist.

First time it was because I loved and posted a picture of a little Bakelite pin in the
shape of a Native American Chief and tagged it as Native American.
I got so much shit for this from a Native American woman and was called a racist.
Quite stupid if you ask me since we both share a history of genocide of our people.

Today I was called a racist for wearing a 1950's Hawaiian dress!!!
(Not in the actual post, which wasn't nice either, but in a private message.)
I had no idea some hair flowers and an authentic Hawaiian dress would cause such
hate, so much that I'm called a racist.
Can't a "white" girl appreciate the Polynesian culture and all it’s beauty?
Please enlighten me what's so wrong with that. I honestly don't get it, it's not like I'm
wearing a cheap f**king plastic costume (the dress was cheap but that's because it
was a bargain) and I was not shitfaced at some "Luau" making a mockery out of the
Polynesian culture and their people.
I'm so sick of oversensitive people with too much time on their hands.
Instead of rebloging my pictures and adding some stupid comments, why not send
me a message with your thoughts and we can start a conversation, that way I will
better understand where you coming from.
Uhh. I'm done!

Edited July 13:
During the night I got so many nasty comments I can't even read them.
Still haven't got the answer to why they think I'm racist.
Read them all here.


Julia said...

I don't understand, are we supposed to burn all vintage Hawaiian dresses? It sounds like that's what she wants. How rational.

Miss Rascal said...

I don't understand it myself.

There was some real bashing going on while I was sleeping. I feel sick to my stomach. said...

I'm not going to bash that girl or say she is wrong. I don't know what she's gone through in her life or how many times she has felt like her culture has been bastardised. I will say though that she should've dealt with it differently. She should just say 'hey that doesn't represent my culture but let me tell you what does...' Instead she attacked you. Over and over again people made comments about white girls and white people and white washed. How is that not offensive/racist?? Saying that 'white' culture is boring and there is no culture so we steal from others is just plain ignorant. There is Irish and Swedish and German, etc etc. You are Jewish and there is a ton of culture there. Its not like you are lacking that. You love vintage and a large part of that is loving other cultural inspired items. I love peasant blouses and Mexican skirts and Hawaiian and Asian dresses. Does that make me a racist, or just a lover of vintage?? Well according to them I am racist because I am white. And mixed at that (Irish, German, English) and therefore have no cultural identity. But what about my Vietnamese friend Tina who wears Cheongsam dresses. Is she racist? Or Cherry Dollface who is Cherokee and wears Native American costumes. Is she racist?? Or all the Latina girls at Viva who wear Mexican circle skirts and all the white guys wearing cowboy hats, etc etc. According to all those people we are all racist.

Sorry for my long rant. I saw your post on OLL and was upset by what I read. Don't let these people bully you. Be confident in who you are and wear what you love. They don't know you and they have no basis for their rants. They would accomplish more for their culture if they did it in a positive way like this girl did. She is inspiring:

Mariela said...

Excuse my language but fuck what they think. They are obviously trolling the internet for anything that will make them feel better and put others down. You have always been respectful about what you post. If people have a problem with something as simple as a themed brooch they have some serious problems.

I often got put down because I was "too white" for a Mexican. It went so far as that a group of girls told me I couldn't hang out with them because I "wasn't Mexican enough." There will always be people who look for a reason to put others down even within their own ethnic groups. It's stupid and petty but so are those people.

Keep doing what you love and block those who want to mess up your life. HUGS hang in there.

Mim said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've had this awfulness dumped on you.

Clearly the girl is hurting about misrepresentations of her culture in general, and you've borne the brunt of her pain in this case. But she's gone the wrong way about expressing it.

I once got accused of cultural appropriation by a (white) American for suggesting someone looking for plus-size tunic tops look at shalwar kameez. I'm part Indian!

Kozerska said...

You should not pay attention to trolls like that.
Dress IS Hawaian, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with calling it by what it is. It is definitely not racist.
Pple just like to throw this word around these days.
You look lovely, stay strong.