Thursday, 9 July 2009


It's easy to house sit when it's constantly raining.
My cousin wanted help to water her vegetables and
flowers in her garden and maybe mow the lawn if I
had time and the weather was nice.
The weather was finally pretty nice yesterday but
there was no time to mow the lawn at all because we
went for the viewing of the house, ate lunch with my
dad, had coffee and cake with my other cousin, my
aunt was there too, and in the evening we went for a
swim in the lake Vänern with my stepbrother.
Our agenda is so full, I got seven years of catching up
to do with most of my relatives and friends and there's
the first time they meet my man so there's no time to
even watch TV!
I hope today will be a good day after all, in an hour we
are going to my aunt, she's serving fermented herring.
I'm really looking forward to tonight, my best friend
Sandra from college is coming over for dinner.



fröken lila said...

är ni i karlstad just nu? undrar mest vart bilden är tagen.. min pojkvän och jag ska till karlstad och hälsa pá hans släkt där i augusti, en helg.. jag ser sá mycket framemot det!!

Little Rascal said...

Jupp, vi åker hem på lördag.
Det regnar hela tiden, skittrist.

Lady Thirty said...

jaha så du är i Sverige :D hoppas att vädret bättrar på sig och att du har det så kuligt!