Saturday, 18 July 2009


You might not believe me when I tell you that I actually
spent £20 on a bag today! (It was on sale.)
I've had my eyes on this darling for a while but I didn't
really feel like spending £35 on a bag back then.
Yesterday as I went by the shop I saw that the bag was
on sale for £20, but as a true bargain lady I thought I
better have a look on eBay before I spend any money
and I'm glad that I did.
They go for crazy money on eBay at the moment and it
seems like they are sold out all over the country.
I threw myself on the phone yesterday and called the
shop and asked them nicely if they could be so kind to
reserve it for me and they told me to come in first thing
in the morning, so I went up at 8 AM this morning and
it was totally worth it.

Click the image for larger version.


Jema Rose said...

SÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ snygg vä it!!!

: )

Kram, Jenny


Little Rascal said...

Tack sotnos! <3

Lady Thirty said...

den är så fin! har sett en kvinna bära med sig en sån när hon shoppade där jag jobbar och jag reagerade direkt på att den var så himlans fin.

grattis till kapet :D

Mrs Munster said...

Pretty. Delicious colours!

Sandy De Luxe said...

Så söt! Och ett riktigt fynd!

Little Rascal said...

Lady Thirty: Tackar. :)
Ja, den kom ju in i maj och kommer val vara modern till mitten av september men vad gor det nar man inte foljer nagra trender alls? :)

Mrs Munster: Thank you darling.

Sandy De Luxe: Tack sa mycket. :)

Zizzi said...

Underbar väska! Fina färger och härligt mönster!