Thursday, 1 April 2010


Matzo Brei is one of the great traditional Passover
holiday breakfasts. Not only is it simple to make, it
is delicious and foolproof.

For each serving:
One egg
One sheet of Matzo
A pinch of salt and black pepper

1. Moisten the Matzo.
Start by breaking up the Matzo, and soaking it in
cold water until it's soft.
Don't soak for more than 2 minutes, since you still
want the egg to absorb in the next step.

2. Drain the matzo in a colander.

3. Beat the eggs, add a little salt and black pepper.

4. Mix the Matzo and the eggs.

5. Cook the mixture. Transfer the mix to a hot non
stick pan with just a little bit of oil, and cook until
done, turning a few times.
Keep the heat down and check regularly so you
don't burn it.

6. Transfer to a plate and serve while hot.

I prefer my Matzo Brei with cinnamon, brown
sugar and maple syrup sprinkled over the top.
If you plan to do the same, don't use too much
salt and don't use any black pepper!

If you want to serve this for lunch or dinner you
can do a savory version by adding some minced
garlic, herbs, well everything you fancy really...

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