Sunday, 4 April 2010


The season for car boot sales has finally started!
Went to one this morning we haven't been to in
a long time and got some really nice bits.
I would be sitting here all day loading pictures
but the sun is shining so here's just a few of the
things I managed to snag.
Everything but the dress is from the 50's/60's.

Flask, 30 pence. (3 kr, $0.45, €0.30)
This will be perfect for the beach parties this summer!

Vase, 20 pence. (2 kr, $0.30, €0.20)
I absolutely love this vase! My fave of the day!

Pot, 40 pence. (4 kr, $0.60, €0.40)
It has got a red and a gray leaf on it too.

Big bowl, 10 pence. (1 kr, $0.15, €0.10)
It has the same colors as the leafs on the pot.

Wicker bull head, 50 pence. (5 kr, $0.75, €0.50)
I know! It's so kitsch it hurts!
He really is the perfect addition to my collection of vintage
souvenirs from Spain.
The seller bought this on his vacation in Spain in the 60's.

Dress, £1. (10 kr, $1.50, €1)
This will be just perfect as a house dress.


Jema♥Kitsch said...


: )

Kram, jenny


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Such great bargains! I cant wait to go car booting to get some bargains myself :)

Little Rascal said...

Jema: Ja, jag borjade fnissa for mig sjalv igar nar jag raknade ut vad saker kostade i svenska pengar. :P

Dolly Cool Clare: Clare! :D
I got your fabric and I will start working on the top tomorrow.
Are the boot sales any good up north?

Zizzi said...

Verkliga fynd! Min favorit är också vasen. Sen krukan och skålen också....och klänningen...ja allt!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Vasen är verkligen fin!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Hi Rascal - Glad the fabric arrived safely :)
Hmmm there are plenty of boot sales up here, but the decent 'finds' are few and far between! Still, makes it all the more exciting when you find something good :D

Gypsy with a Camera said...

that flask is amazing!