Thursday, 8 April 2010


What a beautiful day!
18 C, sunshine and not a cloud in sight!
Did two loads of laundry this morning and hang it out
to dry and I just finished mowing the lawn.
I just love the smell of freshly cut grass and air dryed

Got a donation from a fan today, kick ass
pedals for my cruiser!
What do you think?


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Cool Bikes and bits and bobs you have got for them! Looking forward to seeing the project progress :)
I am envious that it is 18 Deg where you live - it still has rather a 'fresh' feel 'up north!

SaraMay said...

haha jag känner igen det här med att leta cykeldelar hemifrån, kärleken min e såld på cyklar! Kolla hans nystartade blog
cyklar, mopeder å bilar! :D