Friday, 9 April 2010


Woke up early and the sun was shining so we decided to
take a day off and go for a ride and scouting charity shops
along the way.
I've lost six kilos (13 lb) so most of my clothes are too big
so today I was on a hunt for some cute summer wear and
summer wear I found.
I'm so spoilt with car boot sale prices that I felt I spent a
fortune today! :))
It's not hard to pick a favorite out of the bunch, of course
it is the vintage wicker handbag that I snagged for £5!!!

Click the images for larger versions!

Cardigan, £2.50. (27 kr, $3.80, €2.80)
Bolero, £5. (55 kr, $7.70, €5.70)
I looove the bolero, it will look so good with a yellow dress.

Shorts, £1. (11 kr, $1.50, €1.10)
Vintage apron, £1.50. (16 kr, $2.30, €1.70)
I love these candy striped high waist shorts, they are the
perfect addition to my summer wardrobe.

Vintage wicker handbag, £5. (55 kr, $7.70, €5.70)
Mint condition and caramel colored lucite handles. *sigh*

Have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

Great finds!
I've given you the Beautiful Blogger Award! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Linnea said...

agree - boleron är hur söt som helst!!

Jema♥Kitsch said...

Vilka ljuvligheter du har fått tag på..!

Trevlig helg!

KRAM, Jenny


Cottongrass said...

Hej! Det skulle vara kul att se kläderna på! :)

Heather said...

Congrats on losing the weight! I have now lost a total of 11 pounds also!I need new clothes too! Cute stuff you found!

Kitten said...

Wow, that is one awesome handbag...the other stuff wasn't bad either! Well done!

Zizzi said...

Älskar också Boleron! Inte bara till en gul klänning, utan till en röd också, eller som en färgklick till en svart klänning. Jättefina kläder!