Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I'm back after a long terrible weekend in Hemsby.
This was hopefully my last Hemsby ever!
It was way too cold, too much bloody drama, bad
sound, crappy bands and so on...
Spent a total of £6 the entire weekend and I didn't
drink a single drop of alcohol.
Didn't make as much on the boot sale as I wished
but at least I got spending money for Screamin'.
I do sound like a very boring person, don't I?

Anyway, it was very nice to see Elaine again and I
think she liked my hen night gift.
I found this cute lady monkey at a boot sale and I
knew then and there that I wanted to turn her into
a pirate, with an outfit that matched mine.

I got my outfit for under £1!
I made the skirt out of a little girl's dress I got at a
boot sale for 20 pence, the white top was 50 pence
and the sword 10 pence, also from a boot sale.
My eye patch was made out of scrap material.
I already had the corset and boots in my closet so I
don't put them into count.

Elaine was totally stunning!
Wish she had the hat on in this picture.

Here's the monkey! Isn't she cute?!
I made it all myself, the sword was made out of tin
foil and black duck tape.


daisymay said...

Your little monkey is awesome! And you look great!

Stefanie Valentine said...

You both look amazing! How come you didn't enjoy Hemsby? Is it something you would recommend me not going to in the future?

Little Rascal said...

Daisy May: Thanks babe! :)

Stefanie: Thanks darling. :)
It's too cold, the chalets are awful, sound and bands this time was terrible, I did however really enjoy Sureshots.
If I were you I would put my money on the Rockabilly Rave or Screamin' Festival in Spain instead.

Kitten said...

The monkey is adorable! What a fun idea! Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the festival though...

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