Thursday, 6 May 2010


I'm totally hopeless!
I've been so utterly busy lately and I don't like it
when I can't spare five minutes for my blog or for
yours too more importantly.

I've been sorting through my wardrobe and my
shoes collection and even sorted up on the loft.
I now have tons to sell on Hemsby boot sale next
I will however let you, my dear readers, get the
opportunity to buy my stuff too.
I started a new blog yesterday where I will sell
my shoes to begin with.
I will try to post stuff on there as soon as I can!

I don't really have anything more to say, other
than here's some bits I picked up at a boot sale
on Monday.

1950's necklaces, 50 pence each. (5 Kr, $0.75, €0.60)

1950's brooch, 50 pence. (5 Kr, $0.75, €0.60)

1950's porcelain earrings, 50 pence. (5 Kr, $0.75, €0.60)

Old atomizer, 50 pence. (5 Kr, $0.75, €0.60)

Bike horn, 40 pence. (4 Kr, $0.60, €0.45)

Oh yeah! I lost another kilo and I now have a lovely
23 inch waist! :D


Amanda said...

Oh so many pretty things! Good to have you back! You were missed!

Jema♥Kitsch said...

Så mycket fint...porslinsörhängena var ju totally divine..!

: )


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ohhh that little bow pin with the dangle is sooooo adorable!

Stefanie Valentine said...

The earrings are gorgeous x

ina said...

Du hittar alldeles fantastiskt fina loppisgrejer hela tiden. Skall hålla ett öga på din auktionsblogg också, även om storlekarna inte är helt samma som min!

Jema♥Kitsch said...

När jag vägde mig i morse hade jag gått ner ytterligare ett kilo, jippiee!!!

: )

Nej,jag har tyvärr inte sett utställningen om Stig Lindberg, jag minns inte ens när jag var i Stockholm sist...

KRAM & trevlig helg!

Cottongrass said...

Det låter rätt smalt det... Några tips förresten?

Gypsy with a Camera said...

wow, those are amazing finds!