Monday, 10 May 2010


I'm all for kitsch and it shows all around the house,
even on the window sill!
Here's a few easy ways to pimp up your flower pots
without much effort or cost.

Cocktail umbrella...

Flamingo cocktail pick...

And my favorite, an arm of a broken doll!


Amanda said...

Åh jag älskar den översta bilden, jag skulle också vilja ha sådana "platskrukor". Så fina!

Jema♥Kitsch said...

Så kitschigt och fint!

: )


Mrs Munster said...

That last one is awesome! Poor doll, all drowned in the pot :)

SaraMay said...

oh, jag älskar armen!

Tjuettan said...

Är du säker på att det inte är en liten flesh eating zombie i sista krukan? ;)

Gypsy with a Camera said...

the arm of the doll reminds me of a scene from Chucky. Course this version seems more innocent :)

Little Rascal said...

Amanda: Tack! :)
Om du menar de roda sa kopte jag dem pa Cocktail i Stockholm.

Jema: Tack sotnos. :)

Mrs Munster: Thanks! She's coming back from the dead. :P

Sara May: Jag och min morbida humor. :))

Tjuettan: Bingo! :)

Gypsy with a Camera: Don't say Chucky, I'm scared of that fella, he freaks me out just as much as the clown in "IT". :))