Sunday, 9 May 2010


You won't believe how much stuff I got home today!
The sky was very gray this morning and there was a
few drops of rain and freezing cold but that didn't stop
us from going to two car boot sales.
I was lucky to get my hands on 8 meters of a stunning
yellow vintage Chinese fabric, some flamenco dolls and
a few pieces of clothing and loads more.
What you see is just a fraction of what I got today!

Vintage Mexican handbag, 30 pence.
This is my favorite find of the day, I love it!

1960's suitcase, 50 pence.
Perfect condition! Perfect for storage and short vacations!

Naughty 1960's Playboy cartoon album, £0.
I got this for free from the nice lady I bought the vintage
Chinese fabric from.
The 8 meter fabric cost me £1!!!

Swanky 1950's shot glasses, 50 pence.
I love the pattern on these!

1950's thermometer, 50 pence.
This goes perfect with all our nautical stuff in the lounge!

Vintage Lucite earrings, 50 pence.
1950's watch, £1.
Don't know if the watch works, I just couldn't resist!


Sandy De Luxe said...

Fantastiskt fina glas! Du måste ha världens största samling prylar. =) Du hittar ju alltid så mycket fint och billigt. Liite avis blir man allt!

Amanda said...

Nice finds!

Jema♥Kitsch said...

WOW vilka fina fynd!!!


Stefanie Valentine said...

That handbag is so cute!

姿婷 said...

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ina said...

Alltså det tycks finnas så otroligt billiga loppisar i England, du hittar alltid så mycket fina grejer för en spottstyver! Wow.

Daisy said...

Underbara fynd du gjort på senare tid! Dreglar lite...

Mary Lady Luck said...

Du gör alltid så underbara loppisfynd! Någon dag aspirerar jag nå din nivå av expertis ;)

Jessica Sandquist said...

i love that you always find such a bargains! can't you give us some tips about good car boot sales in the london area? take care!