Monday, 14 June 2010


I'm so sad! Stupid ol' me managed to delete a lot
of the pictures from Spain that was in my camera
instead of transfer them to my computer!
I hope picturesque sea views and houses are OK.

I had a very nice time in Spain!
I actually met a few of my lovely blog readers and
blog friends which was really cool. It's so much fun
meeting people that's genuine and that you have a
lot in common with, like Clare, what a doll!
We agreed to meet on the beach for a hi and hello,
and we got along very well and ended up spending
the whole afternoon together.
I feel sorry for her and her man for have to listen
to me yapping for hours. I'm usually very shy but
when I meet people I feel comfortable with there's
nothing stopping me! LOL! Sorry Clare.
We spent quite a lot of time together during the
festival and I couldn't wish for better company,
too bad we don't live closer.

Picture borrowed from Clare's blog.

Clare and me at the pool party.
My swimsuit is 1950's and I bought it at a flea
market in Sweden like 18 years ago.
I got the coral necklace while I was in Spain and
it was a real bargain!

Another person I was thrilled to meet was Dick,
the drummer from The Comets and The Jodimars.
I was a bit bummed that I didn't get to meet the
bass player, Marshall.
Dick was a real sweetheart.

Dick and me.

You might wonder why I didn't have a vintage
hairdo, well, this year I was actually going for the
Hawaiian girl look.

Just like last year we went to Tossa de Mar for
a day to relax and enjoy the stunning view from
the ruins.

I want this house! It's been boarded up for over
a year now and sadly it's gonna be torn down.
I wish they could sell it to me, very cheap.

Markus and me.

Very old canon.

View over the village.

Oh how I would wanna live here! The plot is huge
and I couldn't help it, I was sitting there thinking
about what fab BBQ's I would have. :))

Sea view. It was so calming. We sat on the cliff for
hours just looking out at the blue sea.

Beautiful view, you can see the part of the ruin
where the church used to be.

Part of the ruin and a huge Aloe Vera plant.

I couldn't help it, this girl had a Blythe doll and she
was staging it here and there and took photos of
it, we had a giggle at her antics but I still think it
was cute. I wonder if she put her pics on Flickr yet.

Part of the castle.

Houses inside the castle walls.

This is so cute!

Down by the beach front, the path up to the ruins.


Jema♥Kitsch said...

Jättefina bilder!!!


Dolly Cool Clare said...

What a nice post :) Seeing your photos of Tossa, we should have gone - it looks lovely! It is a shame we dont live closer, but if we did - we would be fighting each other for the car boot goodies! ;-)

Heather said...

oh what great photos! Such a beautiful city! Im glad you had fun :) You guys go to Spain often don't you?

Zizzi said...

FIna bilder! Ni verkar ha haft det jättebra!

Mary Lady Luck said...

Din baddräkt!! Så fin :)

Stefanie Valentine said...

What great photos, an such stunning scenery too! Glad to hear you had a good time!