Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I feel the need of having a rant, if you don't mind...
I got proper fu**ed by Ryanair today!
I'm going home to Sweden in July to spend some
much needed time with my family and hopefully
visit tons of flea markets.
I thought they took the piss last year by charging
£20 per bag, this year they charge £40 per bag
and £20 whatever card you use to purchase your
tickets with.
There used to be a minimal cost if you used Visa
Debit, now they charge the same for all cards.
I was shocked and very pissed off!
But what can you do when all you want to do is to
go home and relax and enjoy the Swedish summer?

I usually travel with EasyJet, they are a lot cheaper
and they allow 5 kg more in luggage but they don't
fly to Sweden.

I really hope I sell my old clothes and accessories at
the Rockabilly Rave this weekend so it doesn't feel
like I wasted a small fortune on this trip.
I'm not a happy gal!


Mrs Munster said...

I've flown few times with easy jet and rather pay the extra with "proper" companies to get good and reliable service. Hope you get to Sweden ok and have lovely time!

anna said...

I'm flying to London at the beginning of August with EasyJet and I was also a bit surprised they charge for the luggage (like 20€ or sth) plus if you paid with a credit card they charged 16 euros. I cannot believe why, it is an era of buying online after all, so what's the point... But well, they are profit making companies, so what to expect really...