Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Yes, I had a terrific weekend!
Got more finds than I could ever imagine and it was
hard work trying to pick out my favorites for the blog.
(I got loads more but I have to narrow it down because
it would take me all night to blog about them all!)
Anyway, here they are...

Salt and pepper shaker, £1.
(11.50 Kr/$1.50/€1.20)
This is a 1960's souvenir from Florida, it's so ugly and
kitschy I just had to have it!

Bambi book ends and Bambi figurine, £5 for the lot.
(58 Kr/$7.40/€6)
I still have my mom's Bambi figurines from the 1960's but
I can't find them, gonna have
a look when I'm in Sweden
to see if they are in my dad's

1960's bag, 50 pence.
(6 Kr/$0.75/€0.60)
Just what I needed actually! It's black, easy to maintain

1950's handbag, £2.
(23 Kr/$3/€2.40)
Mint condition! I love it badly!

1950's vanity case, £1.
(11.50 Kr/$1.50/€1.20)
This case needs a bit of TLC but it was too cute and I
couldn't leave without it.

Bangles, £1.50 for the lot.
(17 Kr/$2.20/€1.80)
These are all new ones.
I really got a thing for bangles this summer.

Exotic necklace, £1.
(11.50 Kr/$1.50/€1.20)
I have a thing for unusual and chunky necklaces.
Markus didn't like it at first but it looks awesome on and
it goes perfect with my tan.

1960's Clarks, £1.
(11.50 Kr/$1.50/€1.20)
The rubber is cracking AND melting on these but I plan
to take them to a cobbler and have a new sole put on.

1950's hat/bonnet, 30 pence.
(3.50 Kr/$0.45/€0.35)
This look so silly on but since it was so cheap I plan to use
the bits for another hat.

1970's scarf, 30 pence.
(3.50 Kr/$0.45/€0.35)
A girl can't have too many nautical themed scarfs.

1950's gloves, 50 pence.
(6 Kr/$0.75/€0.60)
These are absolutely gorgeous!
The picture doesn't do them any
justice at all.
The white leather bow is really the Pièce de résistance!

1980's two piece play suit, £1.
(11.50 Kr/$1.50/€1.20)
Just a little something to wear around the house or while
doing some gardening on
a warm day.

And here's my favorite find!
Click on the images for larger versions!

1960's dress, 50 pence.
(6 Kr/$0.75/€0.60)
I love this dress dearly! It fits like a glove and the
pattern is so sweet.
I do love the reptile bag equally but this dress gives
me a warm feeling and makes me think of my maternal
grandma so it wins because of that.


Jema♥Kitsch said...

OJ nu blev jag rejält avis...samlar nämligen både på salt & pepparkar och rådjur, har även salt & pepparkar just i form av rådjur..!

; )


Dolly Cool Clare said...

WOW! You did great this weekend...well done you :D
I like the gator s&p shakers - Kitschtastic!

Tristan said...

Love these photos! Thanks for sharing with us. Hen Night Ideas

boobookitty said...

you have to tell me what car boots you go to!! i go to the biggest one in the country, Nottingham race course... but the goodies you find are sooo much better!! xx