Monday, 11 January 2010


I won this dress last night for £22.50 incl. shipping.
(255 kr/$36/€25)
The seller claimed it's a 1950's dress, I would say it's
a 1950's style dress, probably made in the 1980's.
I don't really care, I just love the fabric, it's so fab.
I guess I have a thing for pineapples...

Click the image for larger version!


Dad.. said...

Holy Moly! Now you can host a tiki party!

Jema Rose said...

Den är ju jättefin, gillar verkligen också mönstret!!!

: )

KRAM, Jenny


Jitterbugdoll said...

I love that fabric--so pretty!

Polka Dotty said...

Fab dress!
I was looking at it myself on ebay right?!
Well done for winning it :)

Little Rascal said...

Dad: Thanks. I'm planing to wear it in Spain this summer at a rockabilly festival, they got a Tiki style beach bar so it's absolutely perfect.

Jema Rose: Tack Jenny! :)

Jitterbugdoll: Thanks honey. :)

Polka Dotty: Thanks!
Did you bid on it at all? If so, sorry for winning it. :))

Jema Rose said...

Det var verkligen ett fynd han gjorde med telefonen!

Den fanns även i rött,
men jag är ju galen i rosa..!

; )

Teal Blue är också en fin färg, påminner ju lite om Petrol Blue, också snyggt!

: )

Ha det så bra sweetie!

KRAM, Jenny


Stefanie Valentine said...

That dress suits you to a tee :)
Lovely! xx

daisymay said...

I also won a 50's style 80's dress on ebay last night. Mine isn't as bright as yours though, just black lace!!

Daisy said...

Grattis! Den är ju hur fin som helst.

Little Rascal said...

Jema Rose: Jag forvantar mig inget annat av honom, skulle bli forvanad om han inte gjorde fynd. :))

Stefanie: Thanks, hopefully you're right. :)

Daisymay: Ohh, sounds very nice.
Make sure you make an outfit post then. :)

Daisy: Tackar sa mycket. :)

Taru Tuomi said...

wohooo. snygg!

Little Rascal said...

Taru Tuomi: Tack sa mycket. :)