Monday, 4 October 2010


Uhh, it's one of those really shitty days.
I feel like my life is slipping away and I have nothing
with it.
I also feel terribly lonely, the only people that seems
happy to see me is the ladies at the post office.
And here's a little paradox, I'm going to Hemsby this
weekend but I rather stay home to avoid shit bags.
I'm only going to see Restless and of course Slim Slip
& the Sliders
very last gig and try and sell some stuff
at the car boot sale.
Yeah, I'm a bundle of joy at the moment.

OK, there's some things that are nice too...

Like these vintage (1960's I believe) candle holders.
I got the pair for £1 in one of the local charity shops
when I was in town today.
Don't know if I'm keeping them or not.

I also really like Goji berries.
I eat them instead of sweets.
They are rich in antioxidants and vitamin c, perfect
when trying to avoid to get a cold or the flu.

I realize that I need a change in my life.
I wanna get back to being more creative and healthy.
My plan this autumn is to get my 23 inch waist back,
i.e, a lot of exercise and healthy food.
(I've had too many carbs lately.)
Gonna start out with loads of walks, bought myself a
pedometer today, and next week I'm back at the gym
and in the pool.
I might start doing yoga, that should be beneficial for
both mind and body.
I also have to read up on natural antidepressants, my
brain doesn't produce enough serotonin and I don't
want to go on yet another dose of Prozac.
The weather doesn't make it easier, I need to invest
in a light box this year. (For SAD.)


La Dama said...

aww I feel ya..I been feeling Morrissey depressed these days..hope you feel better will all pass before yu know it hun.

those look like little mexican chiles...cute candle holders.

Jema♥Rose said...

Hoppas du mår bättre snart...tyvärr så känner jag alltför väl igen mig i det du beskriver..! Jag funderar på att gå till en homeopat och få hjälp, för jag är i obalans både vad det gäller psykiskt & fysiskt...Den sista tiden så har jag dessutom ätit väldigt onyttigt + att jag rört för lite på mig...så nu väger jag 75 kg...behöver gå ned cirka 15!


Poppy Lane said...

Chin up! I know exactly where you're coming from and I think the best thing you can do is say 'screw this' and grab life by the horns! Write a list of all the things you want to achieve in the next or two and just go for it.
Hope you feel better soon, I know there is nothing worse than being stuck in a hole and feeling like there is no way out.

Amy Georgina said...

Like the other commenters (not that I understand Swedish!!) I hear where you're coming from, I'm totally there too. I suffer from SAD, I didn't so much last year, but already, I'm skiving work because I feel melancholy.

If you find a good natural anti depressant, please let us know! x

Kitten said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling so well, hope your plans for exercise etc will help! I'm also in a low creative period right now, and can't seem to find anything nice at the flea-markets either. I think I might have to have a look through my stash of fabrics and such, in case I find my lost inspiration lying in one of the boxes...