Saturday, 16 October 2010


My man got me these babies yesterday.
I spotted them in a charity shop and I knew that they
were a perfect match to one of my cardigans and some
accessories. They were unworn and very comfortable,
good to jive in as well.

I also found the heels of my dreams in another charity
shop but they wanted as much as £27.50 for a second
hand heels who weren't in mint condition!
Now that's a piss take!
(I know for a fact that they only cost £30 on ASOS sale
about two years ago.)
Yes, I'm all for giving to charity but when charity shops
take the piss like that, and when they got it for free to
begin with, it's not kosher anymore.
I wouldn't pay that bloody much for something that's
not in perfect condition, not even if they were vintage.
I'm keeping my eyes open and have a daily look on eBay
in hope that they will turn up eventually.
It's not like I'm in a hurry, I have over a 100 pair so it's
not like I'm going barefoot. :))


daisymay aka Chantele said...

These are both lovely, and I am totally with you that a charity shop should never charge that much for shoes, especially if they arent perfect.

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fröken lila said...

you really should be glad not to live in norway. all charity shops here charge loads of money even for worn and used h&m stuff. recently i found an h&m dress with a slight retro touch which they priced higher than the original price two seasons ago!!! that really pisses me off. sure, they give most of that money to people who need it, but a used h&m shirt for 70kr? sorry, i can get a new one for 50kr at the h&m sale...

Linnea said...

Snäll man du har:) färgen är jättefin!

Kitten said...

Lovely shoes! When used/broken/dirty stuff is overpriced at charity shops or flea-markets I get really annoyed too. I once saw a dress ripped beyond repair - and not even special in any way- being offered at 4,59 euro. WHY? I would have thrown it away as the fabric was so fragile it wasn't even in good enough condition to use for anything else...Madness.

Zizzi said...

De var båda jättefina. Har du skrivit om alla dina skor här på bloggen? Hur förvarar du alla dina skor? Kram cissi