Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I'm not well today, it feels like I'm on a boat.
I suspect I might have a bug on the balance nerve.
Even though I haven't been up and running I've
still managed to sort some things out, like finishing
old craft projects and installing the PIXMA MP270.

I also found a CD full of pictures from 2006, which
was fun since I at first didn't recognize myself at all.
Back then I loved being silly with the camera, today
I don't like having my picture taken at all.

Here's two pictures from the CD that I like...

I look like a hipster from Camden. :))

Ahh, my favorite glasses, I always feel like a school
mistress in them. :)

On the same CD I also found a bunch of really cool
tracks, it's nice to rediscover music.
Like these two...


Zizzi said...

Det är kul att hitta gamla foton! Jag hittade en cd med foton från flera år sedan. Det är kul att kolla hur man såg ut då. :-)

Linnea said...

Kul att kolla på gamla foton:) Fin hatt och riktigt häftiga glasögon!