Thursday, 5 May 2011


I can't believe I forgot to add this kick ass find in my
last blog post!
I got this vintage leather skirt at one of the car boot
sales we went to last weekend for only 20 pence!
My man was very iffy about it at first, "No one on the
rocking scene would be wearing a leather wiggle skirt"
blah blah blah... (who the f**k cares?)
"It's very 1980's" blah blah blah...
OK, a lot of women had a leather skirt in their wardrobe
in the 80's, this skirt is from the 80's, but to me a black
leather (pencil) skirt is SOOO Bettie Page, not Guns n'
Roses groupie.
And I got pictures to prove it!!! :))

I love this skirt, it makes my tiny waist and my fat ass look good! :))

Yeah baby!


Kitten loves vintage said...

Oh yeah baby!!

Heidi said...

I rock the pencil leather skirt aswell and I even have a full skirt in black leather, looks cute with a fluffy pink crinoline under...

Alex said...

i am sure you are just a goddess in such skirt;)

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La Dama said...

would love to see model it for us amor.
I hate the rockin scene, thats why I hardly go out. there are no rules when it comes to this sexy littl number.

Perdita said...

Fabulous skirt. Who cares if it's 80s? Style it how you want, it's definitely classier than a cheap leather mini and the two are not in the same league!

I'm with La Dama about most 'scenes'. While it's great to have a group, not so good when it makes you worried whether everything will 'fit in'. How strange, spent yesterday twitter-musing on that very thing!

Mrs Munster said...

Even if the leather skirt wasnt' "Bettie" if it suits you, you should wear it. I don't think anyone should restrict their style to i.e rockabilly/50's even if you'd be one. I've given up trying fitting into just one style. I equally love rockabilly style/scene/music as well as mixing it with 80's and 70's rock look (and quite a lot of "proper rockabillys" sure dislike me for it)

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Well for 20p you really can't go wrong can you! I think its fab :))

Rachel said...

where do get all these great buys? I'd love to know where abouts you shop? :)