Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Another long bank holiday weekend, I'm not too fond of
them because everything seems to be on hold.
Long weekend means more car boot sales, this time we
went to seven all and all.
I got so many finds it's ridiculous, it was actually a bit
tedious to create this post. :))

Well, here's a tiny, yes, tiny, selection of my recent finds.
Click on the images for larger view.

Vintage pearl chandelier earrings, 50 pence.
Love these, I got something similar but with bigger and
a lot more pearls.

Vintage Thermoset earrings, 50 pence.
Stunning, now I'm on a hunt for a matching necklace.

Shoes, £1.
New. For casual summer wear.

Shoes, 50 pence.
New, I didn't think pink suede was my thing. :))

Spanish doll, 50 pence.
Perfect addition to my collection, I don't have a lady with a hat,
only with fans and guitars or a bloke.

Vintage mini basket, 30 pence.
This one is soooo cute! It really is tiny.

Vintage Bambi, 50 pence.
I got one just like this already but not with a polka dot bow.

Vintage necklaces, 20 pence and 50 pence.
Love the cherry Kool Aid colored necklace with glass beads,
the other one looks like olives on a string, would like to know
what kind of plastic it is. Love the fact that it has got a plastic
screw clasp.

Bracelet, 50 pence.
This must be the first wide bracelet that actually looks good on me.
The shape makes me thing of crocodile teeth.

Belt, 30 pence.
Funny, the same seller wanted £1 for it the other week. :))

Vintage picture, £1.
Perfect addition to our exotic lounge and my Hawaiian

Vintage picture, £1.
I want to get new black sleek frames before they go up on the wall.
They go perfect together with our customized 1960's Ladderax

Vintage shot glasses on stand, £5.
Even tho it's not pennies it's still a bargain.
My man refused to go home without it.

Vintage wicker box, 25 pence.
It's not that I needed another wicker sewing box but I don't
have a blue one and I couldn't
refuse that price. :))

Lurex cardigan, £1.
Cute cardigan, perfect for summer.

Close up.

Vintage candle holder, 50 pence.
I'm in an orange state of mind at the mo.

Vintage cook book, 50 pence.
I love the colors in old cook books, don't know why, I just do.
This was a gift from my man.

Jacket, 50 pence.
Even tho I got tons of pretty things this jacket is my favorite
find. It's suits me perfectly, I look dead cool in it. :))
I don't care that the armpits are scruffy, I will wear it til it's

Cami suspender, £1.
Vintage robe, £1.
The cami is from Ann Summers and it was never worn,
my man insisted on buying it for me. I wonder why, any ideas? ;)
The robe is amazing, deadstock.

Close up.

Vintage jewelry boxes, 20 pence each.
Now here's something I've been looking for for many years,
a jewelry case for traveling.
The pink one is ace too! I got two of these in white with black
polka dots and they hold more than you'd think.

R is for Rascal! :)

Both in very good condition inside and out.


La Dama said...

Woah MAMA,You hit the motherload!
I love the earrings and the lingerie,jewelry boxes,cases
Ay, 7 boot sales, I can barely make Buddy take me to two of them.
I need a boot sale car,lol

Little Rascal said...

This is just a tiny amount. Also got loads of vintage for the shop.

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh MY!! You got a ton of lovely things. I really like the cute little bambi with the polka dot tie and the necklaces and bracelet.
I AM SO JELOUS of the Hawaiian pictures!!
And the shot glasses on the stand I would have SURELY purchased!
That orange candle holder is perfect for summer-fying your home!
I love the cute cami and robe and the jewelery boxes are a nice find. If you lived near me, I would have sworn it was you just ahead of me taking all the good stuff! ;)

Dashfield Vintage said...

Wow some fantastic finds!

Kitten loves vintage said...

Jawdropping stuff, you are so lucky and your eye for finds is amazing. Why did I ever leave England?! Okay, I know why, but the stuff you find makes me wanna come over at least for some shopping ;)

Julia said...

oh my god!
please..present me all of them:D
especially earrings!:)

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