Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Hi! Have you forgotten all about me?
Sorry for the lack of post lately but I've been quite
ill over the weekend and I spent almost all my time
in bed.
It was raining for the first time in a very long time
and it was nice to lay in bed under the covers with
the window open and get all that fresh air while I
was watching Dexter.

Since I was ill and it was raining there were no go
to the car boot sales, I'm only human. :P
Yesterday morning I said to my man that I wanted
to do something fun, so we finished some work and
then we went to our favorite spots (charity shops)
scouting for vintage, and vintage we got!
Pretty cheap too...

Click on the images for a larger view.

Let's start with my two favorite finds of the day, a
short blue lurex dress from the 1960's and a vintage
Hawaiian playsuit.
The Hawaiian playsuit has got the same pattern as
one of my Hawaiian dresses.

Lurex dress, 50 pence.
Playsuit, £4.

Pale blue angora lurex sweater, £1.
Brand new with tags. Score!

1960's bikini bottoms, 50 pence.
I was gutted that the top was nowhere to be found.
I was thinking about making a top myself out of the crazy fabric I got
at work a while back.

Vintage cap, £1.
Girls Brigade cap. The patch fell off but I kept it, not sure if I even
want it on the cap.
After some research I believe this one is quite old.

1950's leather gloves, £2.
Stunning condition! Will keep me warm during fall and winter.

1950's handbag, £2.50.
I love this bag. It has a faux tortoise shell (it's Lucite) bar on the
purse clasp and compartments everywhere.
Stunning details.

Like it was never used!

Vintage pants, 50 pence.
This is a bit sick, they are supposed to fit a 9-10 year old but they
fit me and I'm not even skinny, gonna revamp these into capri pants.

Red angora top, £40 pence.
Another kids item size 158-164. Fits like a dream and I've actually
been looking for a red angora top for quite some time.

Pink gingham shirt, £1.
For basic summer wear.
Makes me think of the Pink Ladies bowling team in Grease 2. :))

Just have to get me some gold pants...

Vintage wicker basket, £2.
Wicker baskets/bags are always useful for something. :P

1 comment:

Vintage Coconut said...

Lovely lovely lovely!
The playsuit is cute, the blue dress is AWSOME it would look so cute with some vintage boots and bangles.
Those orange bikini bottoms are HOT!!! seriously they are amazing! They would look good with so many different tops don't be upset the original one was not found.
*lovin the wicker basket* I would put it on the rack on the back of my bicycle. lol