Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Today, after more than four years of waiting we
finally went to the RAF (Royal Air Force) museum!
It was the RAF Veterans Day and our dear friends
The Jive Aces were playing so we went.
I wish that my curiosity and love of old air planes
(and the fact that it's free) would have been enough
reasons to go years ago.
Oh well, I finally got to see some amazing aircrafts,
no nose art but still... WOW!
If you got the slightest interest in WW2, make sure
you visit the RAF Museum when you're in London.
And what do I do? I forgot to bring the camera!!!
I actually got my man to promise to take me back
there again, soon, when it's quiet and we got more

Quite funny, we were asked if we wanted to be in the video
but we were busy that day and didn't have time to drive to
South End. At least my man's old double bass had the time
to be in it. :))

We didn't have time to stay for the second set, I was
quite looking forward to have seen Rebecca Grant
(known from Holby City) up on stage but we had to
run some errands.

While we were out we scouted a few charity shops
along the way.
Not much luck today but I did get my paws on a
vintage embroidered Mexican peasant dress.
I wanted one like this when we were in Mexico a
few years ago but they were not that cheap so I
only ended up with one halter dress instead.
At the time I liked the halter dress more.

Vintage Mexican peasant dress, £4.50.

I also picked up this thing.
Can anyone tell me what it is?
Is it a cookie stand? Is it a jewelry display?
All I know is that I love it and that it must be 1950's/
1960's because of the design and the wood.

Something, £3.50.


Perdita said...

Love the gypsy dress.

Hmmmm... it looks almost like a sushi stand!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Museum looks great! ♥ the dress on you, and the 'something'! I think its an ornament stand!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Har ingen aning om vad prylen egentligen är tänkt för men åh vd jag älskar din klänning!!!