Saturday, 24 December 2011


Happy holidays dear readers and friends!

I've been so awfully busy at work that I haven't even
had the time to make our home nice for Hanukkah or
blog about our 5th anniversary and my recent finds.
We got a few days off now so I will be updating you all
what I've been up to, promise.

Now I'm gonna go downstairs, have brunch alone and
then make some Caribbean toffee and then finish tidy
and clean this mess of a house.

Yesterday on our way home I asked my man to stop by our
local Wilkinsons because I wanted a few Hyacinths on the
table for when we're having guests over tomorrow.
(We're gonna eat Swedish X-mas food but all vegetarian and
celebrate Hanukkah with our friends Ruth and Pat.)
I didn't find any but I did end up leaving the store with a red
"Hanukkah bush" for £5. ;))
I have some really nice X-mas ornaments from the 1950's and
1960's that just lay in a box and I wanted to make an effort for
our guests and to get some holiday spirit for once.
Later on my man went to ASDA to buy groceries so I asked
him to pick up some gold glitter but they were all out so he
asked the manager if it was okay to take some of the glitter
from the shop decor and he said it was fine since they were
gonna take it down and bin it later in the evening anyway.
Frugal and environmentally friendly. ;)
It does look like some kind of burning bush with the red and
the gold.
My man said it's his first ever, I myself gave up X-mas 15
years ago but I kind of miss it some times because it does
remind me of my late grandma who I adore.

Have a splendid holiday, see you soon!


Vintage Coconut said...

I rather like that red bush! It looks sooooo pretty! I ONCE wanted a bright purple one... The Mr. Hated the idea so I did not get to have it. *lol*

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love it! And agree, you can never have too much red! :)

vintage_kitten said...

Love the red bush.Very pretty.Love your little decoations and the broach.I have been super busy to.Seemed like work work work.This week I finally get some down time.To catch up on blogs.xx