Thursday, 23 December 2010


Today I'm gonna make Caribbean toffee.
Last time I made it was two years ago and since
we're having a guest over for X-mas I want to do
something nice and special, I know for a fact our
guest love my toffee.

You'll need:
100 g butter
2 dl double cream
3 dl sugar
1 dl light syrup
2-3 tbs fresh gated ginger
Coconut flakes

Place the ingredients, except the ginger, in a
heavy pan and boil over a very gentle heat for
20 minutes.
This mixture boils at a very low temperature,
and you don’t want to burn the sugar, so keep
as cool as possible while still retaining a gentle
When 20 minutes has passed, use a teaspoon
to take a small amount of the mixture out of
the pan and drop it into a glass of cold water.
If it forms into a small ball then it is ready, if
not, keep boiling a little longer and try again.
Add the ginger.
Once the mixture has formed a ball, take it off
the heat and pour it into a baking tray or on a
tray with a sheet of grease proof paper, let it
cool down.
Before it is fully cold, score lines into it using a
knife and when it's fully cooled turn the pieces
in coconut flakes.
Now, feel free to wrap the toffee in individual
wrappers or just put them in a nice glass jar,
anything goes.


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Another yummy recipe to add to my cook book!

Kerry said...

I never would have thought of adding coconut to caramel. That's genius and looks yummy. Thanks for sharing!