Thursday, 1 December 2011


Can't believe winter started today, it's sunny and not
at all cold over here.
Today both my dad and my uncle got one year older,
yes they have the same birthday, big hug to you guys!
Next week is my turn to get older.
The plan is to go to Brighton but both me and my man
has got a cold and it better be gone by then because
I've really been looking forward to go back.

Talking about going places, the day before yesterday
we went on a mission to another branch (that only do
vintage too) in Essex to get an idea how we're gonna
set up the shop, our boss sent us on a paid inspiration
trip. Free lunch too. :D
We were spies for a day checking out prices and such.

And of course I didn't leave empty handed.
Here's some goodies I snagged in the charity shops.

1950's deer, 10 pence.
Yeah, he's a bit scruffy and I don't do X-mas but he was too
cute to leave behind.

1950's book stand, 50 pence.
Just what I needed! I love the shape.

1950's handbag, £3.50.
I got one just like this but in red, this is in mint condition.

Tie, £1.
Gave this to my man so he would look handsome on stage.

Vintage belt, £1.50.
This look so good on! It would look even better if I still had
a 23 inch waist. Working on it.

1950's wicker basket, £2.
My heart skipped a beat when I discovered that the basket
was for sale! I store potatoes in this at the moment since it's
not season for baskets.

1950's Vanity Fair blouse, £5.
I believe this is a PJ top but I tried it on with black high waist
pants and it look great, no one can tell. ;)

Swing jacket, £3.50.
You can't really see that it's black, green and gray.
Looks very smart, quite classy.


Kitten said...

Uh, nice finds, especially that handbag...Hope you get well in time for your birthday trip!

Vintage Coconut said...

Looks like you scored a nice lots of things.
The deer is so sweet. ("I just found 2 cute red flocked mice yesterday")They could be friends with your deer!

Loving the handbag.
The belt is pretty.
I could care less if the leopard top was pj's I would wear it out and about too! *very cute*
I like your swing jacket too. I have a nice gray one but it has a small hole that needs patching. *uhgg I hate patching* lol

Kally said...

I'm so jealous of your deer! I collect vintage deer ornaments and have some special ones that come out just at Christmas, none as nice as that though! I have a tiny one that was my nanna's, he's red and fuzzy too :) yours could be his daddy!

punk in writing said...

Your potatoes have a really fancy basket to lay around in. ;D

Crafty Doll said...

Nice finds. How do you manage to get such good deals?! Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by my blog. I love yours too. Such pretty things!