Monday, 28 November 2011


Hi and hello!
I'm back from busyland.
So much is going on right now even I can't keep up.
(I feel like a douche for not having time to read and
comment in my friends blogs.)
Good news! The new charity shop is happening, last
week we went to see the space and we met the CEO
and a few days later they signed the lease.
Since then I've been running around like crazy pulling
vintage from the other stores in the area and been to
the warehouse to clean furniture for the new shop.
My man is going for his interview later this week and
I hope he get to be the store manager, they would be
silly not to get him the job.
Keep your fingers crossed! :)

As you know I get paid in kind, which works for now.
Here's some of it...

1950's kids mattress.
This was gonna end up in the skip, nothing wrong with it
and it's in good condition, just needed a clean.

Vintage dancing shoes.
I don't think they ever been used.
I've been wanting a pair of real dance shoes for quite a long
time but haven't found any for a price I agreed with.
These need the inner sole glued and new heel tips but that's
far cheaper than buying a new pair.

Color is just perfect for autumn.

Ouzo glasses.
Won't be used for drinking tho, these are just perfect to put
flower cuttings in.

1960's head phones.
Gave these to my man.

1960's tea strainer.
This one is so stylish it makes my mid century heart skip a beat.


Vintage Coconut said...

*Woot* I am glad everything is working out. It all sounds very exciting.
And your finds are all very lovely.

La Dama said...

Thats great news!
Sounds good to me to get paid in kind.
Baby mattress is adorable, you pregos?
Gorgeous dancing shoes, i thought of buying dancing heels ,but never seen any as pretty as these babies.
Brown sweater is lovely, adore the big buttons.
Cute brush, buddy's nan has a hula girl version.

Vintage Coconut said...

The Red nail polish I had on is (Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Crushed)
It stays on for a good while too.