Thursday, 5 January 2012


Last Friday I did something I really didn’t think I
would do since I'm quite shy and suffer with social
phobia. This might seem dumb to you but for me
it’s is actually an accomplishment.
OK, now to the story, me and my man go to work
a little bit earlier every Friday to have time to scout
around the antique market before we open the shop.
I ended up having a chat with one of the dealers that
I buy from every now and then.
He said he give whatever's left of his stuff at the end
of the day to charity so I batted my lashes and said
that I work in a charity shop and by 2 PM we got a
huge load of stuff!
He said he gladly give us stuff every Friday from now
on since we’re so close to the market and we’re nice.

Let's hope the word get around and some of the other
dealers will do the same. That would be swell.

I bought this little thing from him:

I got this little Pyrex starburst jug for 10 pence.
Goes well with our bigger jug.
The lid had been chewed on by a dog so I removed
it, no biggie, especially not for that price. :D

And these I found in one of the boxes he gave us:

Since there were only 3 of this awesome starburst
cutlery I decided to keep them for myself, we can't
sell odds and it would end up being melt down and
never ever be appreciated.


LadyAngore said...

Wow! Superfint!!

Little Rascal said...

Tack! Ja, for en krona ar det inte dumt. :))

Vintage Coconut said...

*Oh he sounds like a rather nice fellow*

Love your little starburst pots.
I have a nice little collection of starburst cutlery (I swear there is 4 different sets mixed together!) But I suppose thats the charm in it. *lol*

vintage_kitten said...

They would go nicelt with my bar glasses.Fill them with hawaiian martini for a free the silverware didn't have full set.that would be cool.They are still pretty.xx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I am atmoic obsessed! I love.