Thursday, 12 January 2012


I was supposed to have today off, that didn't happen!
We had a huge delivery yesterday and all that needed
to be sorted and cleaned before tomorrow when we
hopefully get more donations from the antique dealer
and his friends. We also get a wall built upstairs in the
future show room so the area around it needed to be
cleared. I'm finally gonna get a workshop in the shop.
I also had to go to a house clearance this evening so in
total I had an 11 hour day with no breaks.

It sure is nice to sit in bed and blog right now, this is
"me time"!

OK, let's change the subject just a little.
I want to show you a few things I managed to snag at
the antique market last Friday...

1950's kangaroo salt and pepper shaker, £2.
This is in mint condition and it was love as first sight!
I think it's so funny how the big kangaroo is slouching, it does
remind me of how English Bull Terriers sit. :))

The S&P shakers are the small ones by the way.

1950's/1960's plastic fruit, £1 for the lot.
I was happy as can be when I found these 3 stems of plastic
fruit, there's no better way to revamp a wicker

Hair flower/brooch, 75 pence.
I hate fraying flowers so this might go on a fascinator to give
it a bit of a vintage shabby chick flare.

Starburst hair clip, 75 pence.
Love this! Looking forward to get my aqua green wig so I can
wear it in style - Atomic style! :D

1960's powder dispenser, 75 pence.
This is so handy! I don't use compact powder and it's not easy to
find a pocket size dispenser that have a separate compartment
for the powder puff. This was a great find!

1960's clutch, free.
I actually got a fascinator in the same color so that's really
neat. Even better, it was free! :)

1950's sewing book, free.
Yes, the antique dealer we get stuff donated from has got an eye
out for cool stuff just for me and he doesn't care about money.
Now that's a great start of the weekend! :D

Early 1960's beauty book, £2.
Oh la la, a book in a box, now that's fancy, just how I like it.
Let's have a look inside...

As you can see it's called The Book of Beauty by Eileen Allen.

Lovely illusions are good, I can do with that!

Oh yeah, I want killer eyebrows like Miss Tayva, maybe this
book can teach me a thing or two...

I could go on all evening posting pages out of this one but

I'm way too tired, maybe I do a post just about this book
in the future.

1950's Panorama Viewer, £1.
I don't care that much about the toy but I looove the box!
So cool!

This is the back of the box, now how neat is that! :D


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

What a haul! You do so well. I esp love the kangaroo and the atomic hair pin. Oh and the compact.


Miss Tayva said...

Chelo Alonzo is my brow muse.

La Dama said...

What amazing goodies you found!
cute kangooroo salt n pepper shaker.
I especially love the 60's power dispenser. and vintage beauty books.
Don't work too hard watch out with that little head of yours.

Mrs. Diva Akira said...

Such lovely finds! :)