Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Bare with me while I rant. I'm a bit sad today.
I need to quit or at least do less days in the shop.
I had enough! People are really rude and also my
relationship is really going through a bumpy ride
at the moment, today we had two arguments and
my man is very good at saying things he really do
regret afterwards.
We rarely argue but the last couple of weeks has
been pretty bad.
Today I had to leave the shop and I went to my
friend Mark's hair salon to have a good cry and a
Now this is a true friend, he washed my hair and
gave me a proper scalp massage.
I feel pissy and tired all the time and that my life
really isn't worth living.
I'm bored, not even a good scout on the antique
market on Friday's cheer me up.
I never thought I'd say this but I'm getting sick of
vintage. Well, maybe not but there's nothing
that brings me joy right now.
I feel I need to do less days and start going to the
gym again to get the endorphins flowing.

What would you do?


Kitty said...

I've seen lots of people think they can turn their vintage-loving loving ways into some sort of business or job, but it requires serious dedication and a one-track mind. It also helps if you have no life, like me, LOL!! But really if its not making you happy then lose it, life's too short.xx.

DearHelenHartman said...

You are young and gorgeous, you are SUPPOSED to have pissy days when you are completely discontent with your job and life - those are the birth pangs that will form present you into future you, who will be amazing. Take a break. Do something that has nothing to do with work (and in that vein, vintage). Learn something. Dream something. Dare something. (reading your bio I can totally see this is not a new idea to you!)

La Dama said...

Oh amor so sorry you been feeling down.
Maybe yeah work less in the store, your probably spending too much time stressing with that shop.
We girls sometimes need some time away from the guys.
I been sad myself ,but mine is for no big reason. I think i am missing my family. Hope you recover from this bad patch soon.
Damn winter blues!

Vintage Coconut said...

Take some time for your beautiful little self. Do something you used to do that you enjoy and haven't done in awhile.

You and your man are probably just fighting because you are both stressed due too this new business venture.

Kitten said...

I agree with previous comments, do something new or something old you haven't done for a while. See some friends, visit somewhere new. And yes, the gym could also work. Take care of yourself! <3

Anonymous said...

All of the above.
And put on a vintage bathing suit and go and have a good swim.
It'll do you the world of good.


Mrs Munster said...


Only thing has helped me to start overcoming my depression. (6 councelling session, where my councellor pretty much thought me about mindfulness).
Hope things will get better soon.