Wednesday, 7 March 2012


WOW! Guess who finally had time and peace of mind
to blog about some recent and not so recent finds.
I haven't done this in a while so therefore plenty of pics.
I will try and post my latest clothing finds soon too!

This bunch are from the Friday antique market and a
few local charity shops.

Click on the images for a better view.

Trinket boxes 10 pence and 75 pence.
I'm always in need of cute trinket boxes, I got no more room on
my vanity nowadays so I have to drill up a shelf
this weekend.

Old doll, 25 pence.
She looks so 1930's in her cute little outfit! :)
I'm on the hunt for another shadow box to put her in.

Bangles, 50 pence each.
I'm a bangleholic, I just can't say no, there's always an
outfit that requires at least one of these. :))

1960's jewellery box, £3.99.
A bit more than I usually spend but this one was roomy
and the brocade sure hit the spot!

Old Bambi vase, £1.
He had a glued leg but who cares, he's SO cute!

A bunch of 1950's plastic tulips, 25 pence.
Something else I already got plenty of but not in this color.
Hey, nothing says spring as well as tulips, plastic or not.

Old hat, £3.
I should give this one a good clean and change the ribbon, I'm not
so keen on the mustard color to be honest. Love the berries tho!

1950's jewellery set in original box, 25 pence.
I can't resist stuff in their original box!
This set looks like it's never been used.

Pyrex Gaiety Snowflake dishes, £1 for the set.
I do need a lid for the round one, might find one at work.

JAJ Pyrex June Rose dishes, £1.75 for the set.
It's so frustrating when they don't come with a lid but for that price
I'm not just gonna leave them for someone
else to snag. :P

Vintage tins, £5 for the set.
A must for my hobby room!

Cute vintage bottle, £1.
I were thinking "future kid's room" for some reason...

Vintage repro ashtray, 25 pence.
These were a copy of the 1950's atomic ashtrays and they were
reproduced in the 1980's.

1950's jug/vase, £3.
Me and my fella love music themed stuff and I got this as a
Valentines gift for us. Might sound dumb but so be it. :))

1950's glasses, £1 for the set.
I can't count how many times I said "no more glasses" but I never
really listen to myself when I see something
nice like these.


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Always such a good eye, little miss magpie! :)

pastcaring said...

Such pretty things! I can't resist vintage glasses either...

Miss Magpie said...

I love the jewellery set and the deer is so cute leg or no leg, I would have bought him too!

Vintage Coconut said...

You always have the best of luck finding the cutest goodies!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I love it all.

La Dama said...

I adore the jewellery set.
adorable deer and plastic tulips.
you will look so sweet in that flower hat. perfect with Spring coming.