Friday, 2 November 2012


Here's me dressed up as Frida Kahlo at the Día 
de los Muertos celebration at The Crypt last night.
I've been waiting years for an opportunity to dress
up as Frida Kahlo or Carmen Miranda and I must
admit I was quite excited.
I have never in my life got that many compliments.
I’m glad my art idol Sue Kreitzman loved it!

Me and the AMAZING Sue Kreitzman.


Heather Joie said...

OMG!!! You look spot on to Frida!
Way to go woman!!

Avabunny said...

You really do look just like her ! love it !

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Really awesome costume! You look totally like Frida! :)

wardrobeexperience said...

so awesome! well done!