Sunday, 25 November 2012


My tube of Simichrome arrived the other day and today, as I
felt a bit bored I decided to test my bangles for Bakelite.
(No more rub test, my thumbs are SO thankful!)
I knew there wouldn't be much luck but I like my bangles just
the same and I have never paid much for any of them.

I was pleasantly surprised that this turned out to be Bakelite
because it's pretty light.

I paid 50 pence for this one.
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This chunky thing was without a doubt Bakelite, I felt it as I
picked it up in the shop last week and I did the rub test but
I still wanted to be sure. It passed the test.

I paid 50 pence.
Originally posted here.


Rosina Lee said...

I love the intensiity of the colour in the second one.


Miss Rascal said...

Me too! Love at first sight, more love after some rubbing. :))