Saturday, 10 November 2012


I’m a huge fan of lamp bases in teak.
Instead of these beauties standing unused in
our loft I decided it was time for a change.

Changed lamps and linen in the bedroom today.
Out with the pink, in with leopard, teak, yellow
and gold.

The one to the left I snagged yesterday in my
favorite local charity shop for £2 and the right
one I got for 30 pence two years ago.
These awesome lampshades are from IKEA
for £1.99 each.

This floor lamp was found in a dusty barn
and cost me £10.
I'm not sure about the lampshade, got a few
to chose from but I'm not in a rush for now.


Luna D Sign said...

Riktigt fina lampor!!!!

Kitten von Kat said...

Very nice!!

Boo Boo Kitty said...

I find lamps THE hardest things to find in the UK.

i have teak one but needs new shades, the current ones are plastic and cracked. I also have a massive west german one, but it also needs a shade.

i would love a shatterline one and a rocket floor lamp, but no way going to pay what some sellers on ebay are asking!

wardrobeexperience said...

love the lamps but i adore the double basses bhind one of them.