Monday, 19 November 2012


Hi there!
Sorry for not being so active here, I find tumblr much
easier to deal with after blogger's awful "revamp".

Anyway. I've been a sad little girl with an enormous
homesickness and lack of real friends, so guess who
was more than thrilled to go to the antique market on
Friday and then meet up with my Canadians for some
gossip and coffee that makes you feel like you're on
drugs. (I hate Starbucks!)

First I scouted the market where I got a whole bunch
of vintage stuff for £4  = 1950's thermos, 1950's men's
robe, 5 old flower pots, a teal Phoenix dish with glass
lid and some plates for my big flower pots that I need
to take in over winter.

From another seller I got a pair of Carmen Miranda-esk
earrings that I've had on my wishlist for years but never
found a pair that was in good condition or cheap, mine
cost £3 and were in very good condition.

My best finds however came from the charity shops...

Vintage gold lurex dress, £4.99.
Made in Paris and totally OTT! :D

Bakelite bangle, 50 pence.
Isn't it gorgeous?

1950's gold lurex clutch, £3.
Matches the dress!

1950's Betterware crumb brush and tray in original box,
all in unused condition, £4.
This was a gift from my man but I found it.


Rosina Lee said...

You always thrift the most amazing pieces, sadly making New Zealand vintage look like the poor cousin lol. LOVE the earings and the dress ( would be great to wear to a burlesque gig)

Perdita said...

Wow. You had all the luck at that fair. Well done, those are FAB finds.

I agree with you about Starbucks yuk yuk yuk, watered down.