Wednesday, 20 February 2013


 This is actually post number 1000!

I had the best weekend ever!
We skipped Valentines a day forward so we could do lunch,
vintage scouting and then do a stall in the evening on Friday.
(It's getting quite popular to have stalls at events nowadays
and a very nice lady just loved one of my previous stalls so
she invited me to set up a stall at her club.)
I really had luck on my side because my favorite charity shop
decided to sell everything in the shop for £2 and I snagged a
whole lot of fab vintage, I actually did quite well in all charity
shops I went into!

On Saturday morning I checked FB as normal and discover
that my cousin had given birth to a baby boy! :D
We decided to celebrate this by going to a jumble sale and I
was lucky even that day, I got a lot of really nice pieces, some
to revamp.
After the jumble we went to the charity shop in that area and
I actually snagged a Bakelite bangle without even knowing it
at the time, I just liked the shape and color!
I had a closer look at it when I came home and had a feeling I
might just had snagged me a bargain, after some Simichrome
test I had a victory dance. ;)) 

On Sunday we took a walk in the sun (it was nice and warm!)
and we had to stop for a car and I look down and found a bag
of weed! LOL! Totally random, and no, I haven't smoked it.
We ended a perfect weekend by having homemade vegetarian
Mexican food.

 I haven't taken photos of all my finds, some are in the laundry
bin and some are waiting to be revamped and I honestly haven't
decided if I want to keep it all, when items are 20 pence each
you don't think, you just buy!

Here's my favorite finds:

Bangles, £2 each.
My heart skips a beat for all of them, so pretty.

Vintage necklace, £2.
This necklace makes me think of The White Stripes.

Vintage angora top, £10.
This was my Valentines gift from my sweet man.

Vintage pants, £1.50.
I've been looking for a pair of red pants with the zipper 
on the side, they look absolutely fab with the angora top!

1980's peplum dress, £2.
I know, it looks sad and wrinkly but it's newly washed
and I couldn't wait to post a picture!

Dark apple juice(?) Bakelite bangle, 25 pence!!!
That's 40 US cents, not bad, huh?

Leopard printed cardigan, 20 pence.
From the jumble sale, I doubt this was even worn.

I usually find pennies when I'm out walking...


Helga! said...

Ha, that made me look twice! Funny find...
Thank you for your lovely comment about my lurex frock!
I am adoring that 80's peplum number you've scored! In fact, you've made some great scores! X

Kitsch n' Keen said...

Holy shit that's funny....great scores (love the big bakelite bangle of course)...