Thursday, 21 February 2013


This might be my last post here, might.
I've lost interest in this blog since blogger changed
and I joined the more user friendly tumblr.
I hardly have time to read the blogs I used to love
and therefore no one read and comment here so I
don't see the point, nowadays this old blog is mostly
useful for checking where we'd been and how much
this and that cost. 

Anyway, I just wanted to post some pictures of our
newly rearranged and cleaned lounge.
It's a mix of everything we love, anything from tiki to
West German.
We still need to put some pictures on the wall and I
would love my fountain table and some other bits to
be on display but the lounge is long and narrow so I
can't put it all out at once, maybe next time.


Mick said...

Oh my goodness, I KNOW one shouldn't covet- but YOUR BOAT BAR! Ha-cha-cha I have wanted one of those LONG before the legal drinking age ever entered my mind. My Girlfriend is in a program at her University and she is going to be Studying abroad in London this July. My two requests have been A) A Handful of gravel for the drive at HighClear Castle. and B) A boat Bar. (Emergency funds have been set aside to ship one home, that how bad we hope to find one!) Think we'll have a chance?!
Your lounge is lovely, the light fixture and red leather chair are divine.I am a bit sad to hear this may be your last post. I don't often comment because I'm not always sure what to say, but I read your every post and love your exciting trips and finds!

Miss Rascal said...

Hi Mick! I know, when I lived in Sweden I bought a book called Kitsch Deluxe and in that book was a bar like this one and as soon as I moved here I went on a hunt for one and snagged it for £55 on eBay, it didn't have legs but I had some spares from a broken cabinet.
They go for a lot of money these days but sometimes they can be seen in charity furniture shops so I suggest she have a look there.

Well, I haven't decided if I want to break up with this blog or not, it's just that I feel that tumblr is so much easier to use.

Good luck with the boat bar hunt.

Julia said...

Oh my goodness, your lounge is GORGEOUS!

I really hope this isn't your last post, I always like checking in on your blog. I used to be all about Tumblr but it got a little exhausting dealing with the fact that a lot of users are 18 and under. Not to mention sometimes, I just don't want to see sex gifs or naked people haha!

Mick said...

How WEIRD! I have the VERY SAME BOOK! It sparked my interest in the Boat bar, In "The Shady Dell" Trailer park along with ceramic wall ducks and Herman Miller Studio chalk ware fish!

Mia Sein said...

Nooo noo noo please do not stop , or post a link to u r tumbler. Love reading about u r re dos and think u have a fantasic taste:)

Greetings from a fellow swede

La Dama Malvada said...

Your pad is divino!