Monday, 11 February 2013


I received these wonderful Bakelite pieces last week.
They were a find from eBay, I had them on my watch list
but forgot to bid and I was happy to see them be relisted,
this time I bid and won.
The listing was for two clover leaves and one Scottie dog
but the (generous) seller said she send her other Scottie
too but it needed a bit of TLC because he had some dark
green paint on the back.

I finally got round to clean the pieces up yesterday, couldn't
get rid of those awful hot pin test marks but I did get rid of
the excess bits from the cutting process (these were all cut 
from rods) and the dark green paint on the Scottie.
All of the pieces were also quite discoloured by age.
You won't believe how I did it, with a nail buffer!!!  
I finished by polishing them up with some Simichrome.
I kicking myself right now because I forgot to take before and
after pictures, that would have been neat to have.

I found something cool that involves similar Scotties on flickr, check this out!


Unknown said...

My pleasure!
You know the catalin will oxidize again and fast, don't you?

Miss Rascal said...

I heard something about that but I haven't really found out what to do to prevent it. Any ideas?