Monday, 4 February 2013


Hi friends!
I've been very busy and creative lately!
That means I feel good mentally and I'm just full of ideas!
It also means that the house is a total mess because I focus
so much on creating that I don't have the energy.
(Am I the only one who gets super consumed and live like
a messy hamster while being crafty?)
Today as my man is in the studio I got the house for myself
and it's easier to deal with my wifely duties. ;)

I just want to show you my latest revamp projects.
Click on the pictures for a much larger version!

Remember this necklace? I got it in July 2011 but I never worn
it because it's quite weird, even for me, so I decided to cut it up
and use some of the bits and here's the before and after!

My beautiful and oh so kind blog friend Heather sent me a package
with the most stunning necklace (I will show you when I got the time)
and there was some other pretty rose bits in there, like these earrings.
I never worn them and I hope she didn't make them herself because the
rose bead was the perfect piece to my new Sweetheart earrings!

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