Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I can't say I buy a lot of Bakelite, sure, lately I've bought
a few but I've been working hard and we all need a treat.
I don't have any other vices.

Brown carved Bakelite bangle, $30. (= £20)
This beauty turned out to be a so called maidens bangle, i.e.
too narrow to put on, unless you use the plastic bag method.
However it does fit around my wrists but the seller should
have described it properly and not used misleading pictures.
I also got a friggin' fee to pay on top of this. Grrr!

Pea green marbled Bakelite bangle, $20 (= £13)
Wide and oh so amazing! The seller's a lady from NY and
she was a delight to do business and chat with (via email).

Black carved Bakelite bangle, £16.55 (= $24)
Wide and really heavy, stunning!
The seller had it up for £25 but I didn't think it was worth it
because it does have a tiny chip missing so I let it go.
It came up again two weeks later and his time with a lower
starting bid so I couldn't resist.


Mariela said...

Those are some fabulous bracelet! I just bought my first bangle off of eBay. I'm still looking for a carved on that will fit me.

I've never heard of the plastic bag method. How does that work?

Miss Rascal said...

Thank you kindly!
If a bangle is too narrow to get over your hand (but you know the bangle will fit your wrist), put a plastic bag on your hand (or a plastic glove) and then the bangle will slip on much easier. And do the same when you want to take the bangle off.

Mariela said...

Wow that's cool. I'll have to try it out. I have a slightly wide palm and that has stopped me from buying Bakelite. Thanks!

Ava Flynn said...

How does the carved black test? I have two with the same design that are plain ol resin.. Disappoint.