Monday, 22 April 2013


Car boot sale season has finally kicked off again!
We went to two during the weekend and it was so
much fun scouting the tables, I've missed it a lot!

You already know I scored three amazing Bakelite
bangles on Saturday and here's some of my other

Gold jacket, 50 pence.
This is so me. Now I'm just as cool as Jody from RHOV.

Lucite bangle, 12 pence.
I just couldn't resist this one!

Elastic multicolor glitter belt, 50 pence.
Looks much nicer IRL. 

Vintage velvet clutch, £1.
This one is absolutely stunning. I'm gonna wear it with my
peacock hair clip.

Vintage straw clutch, 75 pence.
I really like this color and the shape too!

1960's rain bonnet in cute case, 25 pence.
I've had this one on my favorite list on Etsy for ages but the 
shipping cost from the US makes a purchase of a rain bonnet 
a bit pricey and ridiculous, so guess who was over the moon. :)

Polynesian vases, 50 pence for the pair.
1950's planter, 50 pence.
The vases are perfect for our lounge, we already got 3 but it's 
always cool to have different shapes.
The planter will go in our kitschy kitchen.


Milex said...

love your choices.

Mariela said...

I love the velvet clutch. Peacocks on velvet always seem so perfect. I need to hit the thrift stores this week. I have a feeling that a lot of winter wear is going to be out there. Time to stock up on cardigans and gloves.